Sink or Walk on Water

Dealing With Adversity While

Walking in Your Purpose



Stevenson will capture your heart, mind, and faith. He takes you on a journey during a simple meeting and when it's all over you realize he has tricked you into discovering yourself."

  Erik Sowell, 

Dallas, TX

I believe this book has a wide audience with great potential to draw people of many generations to pick up their Bibles again and reconnect with God."

Lebronte Hoover, 

Dallas, TX

It's a great balance between real life and religious life! Ashanti is the Bomb as well!"

 Sheldon Cannon, 

Edgard, LA




Stevenson Jones is from Natchitoches, LA. He is a 32 year old African American man who believes that treating people respectfully regardless of their title, being accountable for his actions, and being selfless defines him. He has a passion for helping others in any way possible because of his love for seeing others succeed. Stevenson has a bachelors from Grambling State University and is a member of the Gamma Psi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. He also has a Masters from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He uses his experience as a teacher and coach to impact the lives of the youth he serves by passing down the valuable life lessons that he has learned.

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